Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mid-Term Update

It's week six of my second semester and I feel like I've just started.  Last night marked an end to a round of midterms and I have some projects and another exam coming up in the next month.  No surprise there; the semester is only 14 weeks long.  I just feel like I could use a bit of breathing room. 

For the first time since August, I really don't want to go to class tonight.  And it's not that I have a better offer or some other amazing way to spend my Tuesday night, but I'm frustrated.  My feet hurt from running around in heels all day and I spent my day off Sunday and yesterday (President's Day) studying for an exam I most certainly did not knock out of the ballpark.  I have blogposts to write, emails to return, grocery shopping to do, a gym membership to use... so much for balance.  How do the days just slip out from underneath me sometimes?

I'm also frustrated because I understand what I'm learning in class, but I'm having an immense amount of trouble taxing tests. Like I'm not able to effectively demonstrate my knowledge of the material.  I study the wrong things.  I need to get over this quite quickly because there are only so many more weeks left in this term.  What I am learning is that graduate school (in particular business school) is not just about learning the material in class.  It's more about taking the concepts home, studying every week and learning it on your own or with a group.  It's about knowing more than just the rough outline, but getting at all the little details in a very short amount of time. 

And I watched one of my classmates break down and leave class after a midterm last night because he didn't get it 100% correct. REALLY??? We're in grad school.  It's important to grasp the material, present it well, perform in a given amount of time and move on.  Just like in life.  I always get so annoyed with those students/coworkers who beg the professor for more time, a higher grade, anything really. 

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