Monday, December 7, 2009

Coming Down

One of the reasons that I so easily fell back into the routine of school and work was that I thrive on overstimmulation.  I am at my best (and happiest) when I have a million things to do because I crave structure.  My perfect day would be fully scheduled from the moment I wake up until evening when I can finally unwind for a few minutes before hitting the hay. It's not that I have endless energy, but that I like to know what I'm going to be doing in two minutes, two hours, two days... Before bschool, I filled my calendar with routine, social activities, and running.

Now that I have a brief break, I should really enjoy my free time.  (Really... I mean, I complain about not having two minutes to myself and now I have hours!)  And part of me is.  I've been watching a ton of Christmas movies, meeting up with friends, and I even took a nice chilly (and overcast) morning walk along the beach in Playa before conquering Target with the Vanster for a few hours yesterday.  I've even been super productive on the homefront (ironing, scrubbing the sink, etc.), which is good because those things definitely get neglected the rest of the year. 

But now I'm on the verge on boredom.  My hands smell like Clorox, all my laundry is done and the house is dusted to within an inch of its life.  I've watched all my favorite holiday movies, and with the exception of one quick trip, all my Christmas shopping is done.  I'm even stressing over what to make for dinner because I haven't been grocery shopping in months and I pretty much forgot what a normal meal is. 

It's just all been fairly anticlimactic if you ask me.  From the day I got accepted to finishing my first semester, I haven't had this huge epiphany or really changed at all.  I've incurred more debt, learned a little about leadership and communication, and probably aged myself faster.  This post-school pre-Christmas/New Years madness melancholy has set in and I really wish there were a magic cure.  More Christmas movies?  Cooking?  Catching up on some TV?  More sleep?  Shopping?  

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