Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Long Run

I don't want to run tonight.  I REALLY don't want to bundle up and brave the elements.  Vanster and I are tackling our third 1/2 marathon in just over a month so a long run (or two) is definitely in order before we leave for the holidays, but it's so cold!  In the last four years I've totally turned into a big So Cal sisssy.  I cringe at 50 degree weather yet still refuse to wear a coat.  Given the choice, I'd rather run in the cold than in the heat any day.  But given another choice, I'd rather stuff my face with Chinese food in front of Friends reruns than exercise for two hours, but I suppose we all would. 

I once read that being an adult is about delaying gratification.  I seem to be doing a lot of that lately.  Delaying being in a relationship by waiting for the right guy, delaying financial security by signing my life away to the student loan gods, delaying relaxation by going back to school.... all in the name of being mature.

If I'm going to spend all this time and money working on making my brain stronger, I need to do the same with my body.  Especially in an industry where looking the part is as important as playing the part, I need to get on the ball.  Plus, I always feel better after a good run.  I feel worse after a bad run, but those are fewer and farther between the more I train.  I'm always happy I put in the time when I'm done, but I'm not always thrilled to be running.

I am thrilled, however, to run this holiday-themed 10K on Saturday.  It will be a crisp morning down by the beach with a very manageable distance followed by a warm and yummy brunch.  We even bought Christmas socks, headbands and color-coordinated tops to really rock out the festive-ness.  I wonder if being excited about my attire will improve my time.   I wonder if I can talk the Vanster into running just six or seven miles tonight instead of nine.  As Dolo would say, "woof". 

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