Monday, March 22, 2010

An (Almost) Perfect Saturday

This weekend was just like any other. Except that I didn't really have plans. And by plans I mean a night out with the ladies, a designated date night with the boy.  Basically, some sort of "event".  After a full week of work, classes and a brief St. Patty's Day celebration, I was mentally and physically exhausted so my singular goal for the weekend included sleep. 

Friday night I was early to bed.  I braved traffic, went to see the boy after work and by 9pm we had only managed to pick up some Thai take-out for a little living room floor picinic.  I think I was asleep before the dishes were even done because I had to get up early for my much overdue haircut. 

It was a hazy but sunny and mild Saturday in LA and although I would have liked nothing more than to sleep in and go for a hike, errands called.  The bank, Macy's for a dress (yay! - the one I liked online actually fit) and sunglasses, Target for the essentials, Ralph's for milk and apples, and back to campus for a group project.  I even had a big ole onion and a can of San Marzano tomatoes in the cupboard so I whipped up my favorite amazingly simple pasta sauce recipe to entice myself into doing my taxes and laundry.  (Notice I didn't run.  We/I need to fix that ASAP.)

Unlike last semester, this time around I have a few weeks of down time between midterms and finals.  And I'm fully taking advantage of the timing.  I'm headed to Vegas in a few short days to celebrate a birthday (read: lay by the pool for endless blissful hours) and am obviously allowing myself less structure. 

I was harnessing my chi, watching some Real Housewives, reading cookbooks, getting all that annoying stuff accomplished and feeling pretty good about myself.  And then my "check engine" light came on...

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