Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Little Successes

In the six months I've been in business school, I've learned a whole slew of things.  A lot of them I've documented here, but many more I have yet to articulate. Even to myself.  One of the lessons I learned after running for a while was that little successes give one the confidence to continue to move forward.  This past week I realized that this is almost universally true. 

I have an undergraduate degree in economics so our econ class this time around hasn't been necessarily challenging.  I understand the material in class, I rarely open the book, and the professor makes class interesting.  I didn't do particularly well on the first quiz because it required memorization; something I don't enjoy nor am I good at.  I did, however, get the best grade in the class on the midterm.  And honestly, I don't EVER remember this happening before.  Probably not since fifth grade when our teacher wouldn't let me raise my hand in math class because I knew more about fractions than anyone else.

More important than this great grade though, is the fact that I have a renewed sense of confidence and purpose.  It was becoming more and more difficult to spend a great deal of my free time studying only to get mediocre grades.  Was I studying ineffeciently?  Am I just dumb?  Do I not care enough? Getting this good grade may very well be an aberration, but it was almost necessary.  I CAN do it. Getting grades I can really be proud of is possible.  Hard work DOES pay off.  The sacrifices and hard work is worth it. 

Now to digress a moment, I just need to share that I found out this morning that a great pair of pants can really change one's outlook on life.  A year or two ago I tried on this pair of skinny cropped black dress pants at the Gap and have regretted not buying them ever since.  They hit just above the ankle and while I don't love my body, the cut showed off those shapely gams I have.  Just a few weeks ago I decided I desperately needed a new pair of black dress pants (along with cardigans, a pretty standard issue uniform for this gal) so I perused Banana Republic's website.  And behold, those same pants in my favorite BR fit and material.  Friday night, those puppies were mine and putting them on this morning with a gray cardigan, my fave M+O tank and the patent leather and herringbone kitten heels I was obsessed with a year ago was something of a miracle. 

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