Thursday, March 25, 2010

Get Outta Town

I'm a student.  I work full time.  I don't have a whole lot of disposable income.  So I don't travel.  I'd like to for sure, but I've made some decisions that don't necessarily allow that kind of thing.  And most of the time I'm completely content to live my vacation every day. After all, LA is a place where I could surf and ski and in the same day. I can run outside almost year round, and at any time it's only a short drive to a secluded beach. 

Except in the spring.  Every year, without fail, I get a little stir crazy.  My birthday is coming up in six weeks so my cabin fever is usually mixed with a bit of melancholy (at getting older), some quarter-life crisis-ness, and a bit of homesickness.  The weather's been dreary (even rainy!) and there's no real end in sight.  I mean, it doesn't get beach-worthy around here until July (June gloom anyone?!). 

And I feel like this year it's particularly pronounced.  Between a new relationship, new digs and classes, I feel like I've literally holed up in my apartment every weekend for the last three months.  I don't go out with my friends as often, obviously there's no kickball and again, it doesn't help that I'm not running. 

Luckily, I'm going on a little road trip this weekend.  I took the day off work tomorrow and a few of us are headed to Las Vegas in the afternoon.  It's Dre's birthday so there will be seven of us sharing a suite at the Venetian.  I'm super excited to hit the road, get out of my own head, see something different,  and let loose.  Unfortunately it's supposed to be 10-12 degrees warmer here than there, but I assure you I will still lay out by the pool for atleast a few hours napping and drinking.  Gambling doesn't do much for me so as long as I can walk over to the Forum shops at some point, I'll be a happy camper.

Some of my most important decisions or moments of clarity have come while driving.  Or hiking. Or running.  I think it has to do with getting out of my own head, out of my surroundings, and being forced to think about the big picture. 

For example, I decided to move to Ohio after a long solo road trip from Michigan to Columbus on Father's Day.  After I got the offer to move to LA, I drove from Columbus to Pennsylvania to visit my cousins and figure out my next move.  Even my latest sorta-decision to pack up and move to Chicago when this MBA adventure is done, was made while hiking Runyan Canyon. 

Not that I have any big decisions to make at the moment, but I could definitely use some clarity and time to decompress just in time for finals, birthday parties, weddings, and the start of yet another semester.

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