Tuesday, May 18, 2010


It's amazing how getting off track in the beginning of the semester can really mess things up.  That sounds a bit dramatic, but because Mel's been in town since before I started school three weeks ago, I haven't been able to get into a study/homework routine.  Don't get me wrong; it was absolutely wonderful to have her around and I think we both really needed each other's company considering everything that's been going on.  But now it's cram time and I'm just into week three of fourteen. 

To make matters worse, I'm leaving town tonight and I'll be missing both of my classes this week.  My marketing professor is letting me make up this week's quiz before class next Wednesday (less than 48 hours after I land back in LA) and then next Thursday I'll have a quiz and a case due for a finance lecture I won't be able to attend.  None of this is the end of the world, but I much prefer to start off the semester feeling like I'm on top of things. 

The good news is that I'm going back to Detroit for almost a week.  It's not ideal timing, but I'm working around my cousin's wedding so I didn't exactly have a choice.  My oldest brother is having issues with his business partner and my dad just moved out of his boyfriend's condo, so I'm walking into a bit of a storm.  But I'm glad that I can be there for both of them.  I miss my brothers something fierce and I'm super excited to take some real time off.  I'll be studying a lot while I'm home and everyone else is at work, but I get to hang out with my family including my godparents who are in town from Charlotte. 

My blog posting is indirectly proportional to how busy I am at work.  For two weeks, the office was down to minimal staff.  One of the assistants is out on maternity leave and bed rest for seven months, and another was on her honeymoon.  That meant that there were two of us in the office to do everything that we would ideally have five staff members to complete.  And while work picking up is a good sign of healthy business, it also means that I have even less energy to crack the books once I've hit the gym, gone home, made dinner and thrown in laundry.  I'm not able to accomplish much if I can't feel a deadline breathing down my neck, but I don't function well when I'm overwhelmed either.  Hopefully my trip home will be both productive and relaxing. 

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