Sunday, October 31, 2010

Certain Holidays

I'm a big fan of holidays.  In order, my favorites are Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4th of July and Easter.  There are three, however, that I definitely don't look forward to.

As a single girl, Valentine's Day is definitely on the top of that list.  Everyone is always talking about what they're buying, what they're getting, and then flowers at the office... it's all too much.  One day I'll be in a couple and I'm sure I'll be one of those idiots, but for now I'd rather be bitter. 

For some of the same reasons, New Years Eve is also filled with pressure.  Most years I'm more than happy to do something low-key, hang out with my friends, and try to remember that it's just another night.  In years past I've done everything from board game nights to dive bars to fancy restaurants.  There's always the issue of the midnight kiss, what to wear, who's going to drive, what kind of exciting stories you'll have to tell for the next 365 days...

This year, I can't decide what to do.  I know it's two months away, but I have to buy the plane ticket for my Christmas travel this week.  I can either come back to LA for New Years and spend it the way I spend every other Saturday night with all the friends I love, or stay in Chicago and spend the evening out on the town with my high school friends.  The plane tickets are pretty much the same price and I have plenty of time off work, so the decision is all mine.  Do I spend what may be my last New Years Eve living in Los Angeles with my friends here or do I put on a pretty party dress, go out on the town, and do something new and exciting in Chicago?

And then there's Halloween. Pretty harmless, but somehow I just can't get into it.  Even in high school I'd put on my brother's lacrosse uniform and call it a day.  My mom used to make us amazing costumes when we were little, and my eldest brother loves the holiday, but I don't really like anything that requires a costume for whatever reason. Too much effort and we just end up looking silly.

This year I not only got dressed up, but I went out twice.  I was just a cowgirl with a jean skirt, plaid snap shirt and cowboy hat leftover from a bachelorette party, but it worked.  Most girls use Halloween as an excuse to be someone they're not and put on far too little clothing, but that's clearly not my style.  I don't mind looking sexy, but I will always lean towards comfort. 

Friday night I went out a coworker and her friends.  It was a much needed break to go out with some new people.  New, nice, sincere, successful people.  It was flattering that she invited me out with her peeps and was willing to introduce me to her close circle of friends.  Plus, it's always great to meet new people. 

Last night I went to a friend's house party.  They're all really into Halloween and some had pretty nifty home-made costumes and decorations, but like most of our parties it's more about the beer as opposed to what we're wearing.  Tonight is actually Halloween night and I'm still recovering from the last forty-eight hours.  I would have loved to be somewhere where I could greet some trick-or-treaters and celebrate the holiday with fun food and scary old movies, but alas.  I suppose that will all come in time though.  Instead, I'm in my sweats, catching up on some homework.  I even put off laundry and grocery shopping because I really just needed a lazy Sunday by myself.  Unfortunately I didn't run this weekend like I should have, but there's always next week and the half marathon is still six weeks away. 

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