Wednesday, October 21, 2009

'A' Squad

I'm pretty sure the last time I heard the term "A Squad" used in reference to me was when I DIDN'T make it when I was playing 7th grade volleyball (hey now, I made some good friends that season on the "B" team). Bdubs has taken to using this term these days when talking about our close group of girlfriends. We all met playing kickball (on separate teams of course) and have become pretty inseparable in the last year. Now I'm not too proud to say that the majority of our activities revolve around recreational sport and drinking, but we're all in our mid-twenties and single - it's inevitable.

And then there are "Girls Night". The best part about these girls is that they can cook and they like to eat. There is always flowing beer, full-fat cheese and some sort of gourmet concoction. I'm talking homemade sushi, dark chocolate covered strawberries, hummus from scratch... and I bring salad (I told you I can't cook but I do try). These gatherings of about eight of us starting about six months ago as a way for us to rally around each other. We had one when I got a job, when Riegs had her heart broken, when Kulas moved… But now they have turned into much more than that. These are the nights I will give up my homework to enjoy. I always show up in my pajamas and it never fails that I laugh until I cry.

And that’s why Bdubs calls us the “A Squad”. It sounds like we’re in high school, but it symbolizes our bond as ridiculous grown-ups. Perhaps it’s that we can all laugh and make fun of each other, but they’re some of the most understanding and least judgmental ladies I’ve ever met. I’ve pull some outrageous stunts in their presence (not doubt with at least a little bit of goading), and they continue to love me just the same. Sure, they’re gonna post the pictures of Facebook, but they’re not going to tell me what an idiot I looked like. When times get tough (lost jobs, broken hearts, difficult choices) and friends fall away, these ladies have been my rock and they are truly the reason I’m still trucking.

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