Thursday, April 1, 2010

Long Days... Long Week...

After 48 hours in Vegas (14 of which were spent in the car), and two days of work and class back to back, I'm beyond exhausted.  I'm so physically (and more importantly - emotionally) drained, that I can't sleep.  I'm like one of those little kids who's so overly tired that they put up a fight to do everything, including going to bed.  Last night I finally got home before 10:30, but promptly found out that the one washer for our entire (8 unit) building has been broken since Monday.  This was AFTER I stripped my bed, threw in all the towels I could find, and sorted the massive mounds of laundry that have been piling up for what is now two weeks.  

Add to that the stress of finals coming up in less than two weeks, the boy being too busy to give my cranky ass sufficient whine time (I mean attention), and work being slower than normal, I want nothing more than to zone out in front of the TV with a box of Girl Scout cookies.  A run would really make me feel better, but instead I am going to go to Target, tackle the laundry issue one way or another and plan my recipes for Sunday's Easter brunch at my place. Cleaning and organizing is how I deal.  Judge. 

Now that I live right between work and school, I discovered this week that I actually have time to stop off at home to change my clothes before sitting in class for four hours.  And you wouldn't believe the difference this makes.  Monday night I put on my running pants and a hoodie and felt infinitely more comfortable than I would have been trying to get through accounting in the dress pants, heels and cardigan (my unofficial uniform) I wore all day. 

The other good news is that it's light out longer.  On the nights when I don't have class, I actually feel like I can be productive for a few hours.  While this hopefully means more running opportunities next semester, it means less hibernation.  And I'm good at that.  I'm good at doing my own thing and feeling OK about being antisocial.  Especially when I'm exhausted and moody like this.

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