Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Decisions Decisions

Business school has been wrought with tough choices.  But I guess that's just a part of growing up.  A part of life, really.  Our decisions shape who we are, what we do and who we become.  Some are automatic and require little thought, while others are life-altering and require insight and patience to process.  Good thing most decisions in life are closer to the former!

Tomorrow morning I will register for classes for my fourth semester of business school.  WHAT?!  I'm definitely having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that I will have my MBA in a year.  My life will hopefully look very little like what it looks like now.  And of course this is both scary and exciting.  Kinda like how I felt a year ago. 

For the first three semesters, the choice of which classes to sign up for was more a matter of logistics than anything else.  I knew which classes I had to take and in what sequence, so it was more about the professors I wanted and the nights I was available.  That certainly isn't the case anymore.

Going into business school, I knew that I wanted to concentrate in finance.  I always regretted not taking finance classes in undergrad so this was the perfect opportunity.  Really, the impetus for the whole thing.  Unfortunately, the professor for my core finance class hasn't been great.  Intuitively, I understand what is going on in class.  But I'm having a bit of trouble connecting the dots.  I've also been more distracted than usual this semester and haven't really put in the necessary time. 

There's a great professor who teaches an entrepreneurial elective next semester that I'm dying to take.  Its about venture capital and start-ups and that's really the part of finance that interests me.  Due to the strict restrictions of the my concentration, however, it's not possible to take this class and still graduate with the necessary finance credits.  While part of me really wants to forget about the concentration and focus on the classes that I'll enjoy, this time around I think I know better.  If I want to get a real venture capital, private equity or investment banking job, I need to have this credential. 

As much as business school is about making connections, friends and personal development, it's about getting a job.  And learning.  While I bemoan bad, boring teachers and would prefer to learn about things I'm personally interested in (and take this entrepreneurial class with my friends), I know I need to "suck it up".  While I'm not thrilled to take this next finance elective, hopefully it will be better than the finance class I'm currently struggling through. 

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