Thursday, July 22, 2010

What Up Oprah?!

The past six days have been extraordinary.  I took off work last Friday to go camping with eight of my friends up by Lake Arrowhead.  For me, the best part of the trip were the car rides with Gina.  G is in commercial real estate, starting her MBA program at Pepperdine next month, and is an all around spectacular human.  We got to talk for hours and really bonded.  I mean, I adore this girl (and her ridiculous cooking skills - I have a lot to learn fro her).  The rest of the time was spent relaxing, napping, drinking, eating and laughing at each other.  Despite being sweaty and dirty, it was a great way to spend 48 hours.

And the shower I took when I got home?! I don't mean to gross you out, but I had to clean the bathroom when I was done.  There was scrubbing involved.  Both on me and the tub.  We got home early enough on Sunday that I could do laundry, iron, grocery shop and nap before heading back to the office for what I expected to be a long and brutal week.

HA!  While the brokers were away in San Francisco, I got to take Tuesday off.  I had every intention of staying home with my finance textbook and getting through some killer material.  But we know how this story ends because its summer, I live in LA and I'm a bit of a tan slore. 

So Tuesday morning I putzed around the house like only I can, hung out by the pool with Gina, and then took her school supply shopping.  I mean, that's pretty much my idea of a spectacular day no matter how you slice it.  Add to that a completely blissed-out afternoon/evening/night of eating, cuddling, and laying under the setting sun and I'm completely worthless. 

Now it's time to get my head out of the clouds and get to work.  I have two weeks to conquer 20 chapters of finance, write a group marketing plan and give a presentation. All I really want to do is go to Dodgers games, lap up the sun and enjoy the last few weeks I still have an "excuse" to hang out with my bschool peeps from this semester.  Failure is not an option.  And I'm not close to failing.  I'm just not doing as well as I would like, especially given that I'm in a finance class and that's what I should really be excelling at. 

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