Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Fall in my home state of Michigan means changing colors on trees, breezy cool evenings, warm socks, college football, cider mills, unexpected warm days, crunchy fallen leaves, and shorter days.  Unfortunately, there is really no fall in LA.  In fact, it is the end of August and we're having some of the warmest weather we've had in nearly a year.  I'm excited that we're finally getting some real beach weather, but I know I'll start missing the cooler temps when I'm watching football in my shorts (after five years in LA, that still feels wrong) and all cooped up doing finance homework again. 

Fall, regardless of the weather or geographic location, means change.  We go back to school; we prepare for a new academic year and for growth.  Like in nature, its a time of preparation so that we can blossom come spring. 

I'm really into making resolutions and setting goals because I love the fact that every morning is a new beginning.  Every day we wake up with the opportunity to be our best.  To change our bad habits.  To start over again.

So I'm going back to school in less than a week and it is high time for some new goals and better habits.  I bought a new pair of running shoes this weekend and signed up for another half marathon (my fourth) right after the fall semester ends.  I will go to the gym three to four times a week, even if it means I have to sneak it in during lunch.  I will go grocery shopping more often.  I will make sure I have fresh, whole foods in my refrigerator for consumption, not just frozen junk. 

Now, I could go on.  I could go on about how I want to open up to those people around me (a lesson I learned when he besties from Chicago were in town).  Or reign in my budget (I spend my money a lot differently than I did before I went back to school).  But one goal at a time.  From change comes change. Baby steps.  We're just gonna start running again. 

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