Tuesday, November 10, 2009


When I started training for my first half marathon last summer, I learned way more than I expected about myself.  I learned that my body is strong, my mind is tough and that I'm the only one who can set my own limits.  Every time I have a good run, that sense of accomplishment keeps me going for days.  This revelation were completely unexpected and once I stopped running (and lost my job), I began to forget it all.

As soon as I started taking the GMAT and applying for grad school, those lessons came right back to mind.  I remembered that I was capable and competent.  And while bschool hasn't been a walk in the park, I've managed to rise to the occasion and even have some shining moments (and some not so shining ones as well, but we can't get everything right the first time around). 

Getting an MBA shouldn't only be about finding knowledge or a new career path, but about discovering what we're truly made of and what makes us tick.  I love to be busy, I love a challenge, I love making new friends.  I've learned that I can work in groups, lead people, articulate my thoughts and manage my time.  I've had to teach myself a lot more than I expected, but that too has been a chance for me to grow.  I look forward to the next two years of reclaiming my confidence and truly conquering this undertaking. 

The harder we work for something, the more imporant it becomes to us. Sometimes I take my intelligence and work ethic for granted.  I don't feel a sense of accomplishment when things come easily, but I am easily frustrated when they don't.  It's in finding a balance between the two and remembering that we are capable, that we find happiness.

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