Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sundays Suck

I was going to try and stay upbeat and constructive, but seriously... Sunday's are pretty hard. Especially when I have research to do, finals to study for, and the sun sets before I'm even out of my mid-afternoon tutoring session. It's barely dinner time and I feel like I could hit the hay already. Heck, I’ve taken to not even putting on real pants on Sundays. I went to school (and Trader Joe’s) today wearing sweats, Converse and a hoodie.

When I was playing kickball, Sundays were my favorite day of the week. I could get away with not going out with rest of the weekend because I knew I was going to see all my friends and have a rocking Sunday afternoon. I was pretty much too busy drinking to notice how depressing Sunday evenings are.

These days, I sit at my computer, wander aimlessly around the quiet house, do some homework, and contemplate the long week ahead. Before kickball, I don’t remember what I did on Sundays. Guesses would include cleaning, reading, laundry and grocery shopping. Either way, that’s no way to start off the week. And next semester’s going to be even worse because I have classes on Mondays and Tuesdays; at least the days start getting longer in January.

Why do we take to feeling sorry for ourselves on Sundays? Is it that we didn’t get everything accomplished that we wanted to over the weekend? Or that we don’t have anything immediate to look forward to? Obviously some weeks are better than others, but I’m definitely having one of those super funky nights and looking forward to finishing these papers and enjoying the fast approaching holiday season.

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