Monday, January 11, 2010

Another Day, Another Dollar

And it's time to start my SECOND semester.  The five week break has not flown by for me; I can hardly remember what it's like to sit through a four hour class.  Maybe that's because I've been extraordinarily busy.  A little 10 day trip back to Detroit, New Years madness, a half marathon, apartment hunting... there's always enough to keep me occupied.  Despite having a lot to do, I'm actually really ready so settle back into that routine again.  I miss my classmates and the structure of classes, homework, reading, and group projects. 

Yesterday I finished my third half marathon in fifteen months and though I would have liked to shave off those nagging three minutes at the end, I set a personal record (barely).  The first nine miles were amazing and I felt awesome.  I'm confident that if I add just slightly more consistency to my training regimen, our race in May will be even better and I'll finally get into shape. 

A half marathon was actually the perfect way to start off a new year.  Despite being in an immense amount of pain (it's a good pain!), I'm really happy we decided to do it.  Though the course wasn't very scenic, the weather couldn't have been more perfect and the crowd was really friendly.  The sense of accomplishment will keep me running for a little bit and it's a great impetus for eating better and taking care of my body as much as I'm taking care of my mind. 

And I just have to say thank you to my running partner's boyfriend for being such a rockstar.  He woke up before dawn to drive us to the course and then picked us up at the finish line and took us to breakfast.  It's so important to have someone cheering you on at the end and he's amazingly supportive of both of us. 

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