Friday, January 22, 2010


One of my favorite Sex and the City episodes is when the girls talk about their SSB’s -“Secret Single Behavior”. Carrie (pre Mr. Big obviously) liked to eat saltine crackers piled high with grape jelly and Charlotte enjoyed staring at her pores for hours in a magnifying mirror. I haven’t seen this particular episode in years, but it really resonated with me. After living on my own for five years now, I definitely have some habits that won’t necessarily jive when (if) I move in with a significant other.

They *might* include the following:
1. Eating cold pancakes with jelly for dinner
2. Sitting on the countertop and eating a block of cheese and crackers straight from the box
3. Ironing my pillowcases
4. Taking up the entire bed when I sleep
5. Listening to bad 90’s rap really loudly
6. Wearing mismatched pajamas and slippers

Over the last few years, I’ve become quite fond of my quirkiness. I’m sure this has something to do with becoming a more confident woman in general, but also because there’s nobody around to judge me. My odd tendencies, lack of taste in music and affinity for cardigan sweaters are what make me, me. Part of becoming growing up is becoming more comfortable in one’s skin. I’m definitely not completely there yet, but embracing my SSB’s is a step.

Does everyone have these? What are some of yours?

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Vuvuzela said...

You sound really great, I would love to meet you.