Monday, April 19, 2010

Baseball Games

One of my very favorite summertime activities is going to baseball games.  I love the crowds, the pace, the hot dogs, warm beer, kids running around and cute guys in baseball caps.  It's not something I grew up doing at all, but I honestly can't imagine a more fun Saturday afternoon outing or relaxing Friday evening. I loved going with my boyfriend in college, my little brothers when I go back to Detroit and with a bunch of friends for someone's birthday. 

I also love going to baseball games because of what it symbolizes.  Fathers and sons bonding, die-hard fans passionately cheering, warm evenings under the stars, affectionate couples, throngs of pre-adolescent boys being goofy, family traditions, and young professionals letting loose. It is, afterall, the American Pastime.  It's a wonderful, relaxing escape, if just for a few hours. 

And make no mistake.  Though I may live thousands of miles away in the land of Angels and Dodgers, I will forever root for my hometown Tigers. I mean, part of that is because I once "mistakenly" flirted with Justin Verlander at a Moosejaw store (he's tall and I didn't know who he was - you can't blame me), but I'm nothing if not loyal.  I even wore my Detroit t-shirt for the last half marathon. 

Hopefully someone will want to go with me down to the Angels game this Thursday.  While it entails some traffic for sure, it's well worth it.  Because it's in the 'burbs, Angels Stadium is a unique experience for LA sports fans.  It's a newer stadium with tons of amenities and even a parking lot (swoon! If you've ever been to Dodgers Stadium and forgot where you parked, you know what I mean).  It's something different from my normal routine and I need to take advantage of these few weeks between semesters. 

Last year, one of the brokers I work with was able to score me a set of amazing tickets to the Tigers/Angels game.  Unfortunately, I was pretty sick and didn't get to appreciate it as much as I could have, but as luck would have it Verlander pitched through the seventh that night and we sat right behind visitor dugout.  Headache and neasea be damned, it was amazing. 

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