Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rain Rain....

It's my "spring break" and the weather service confirms what I see from our seventeenth floor offices: lots 'o rain.  And while a vacation sipping margaritas by the pool sounds beyond fabulous, there is a part of me that most definitely doesn't mind this weather.  Especially when I'm still working forty hours a week and don't have the luxury of taking off for the exotic vacation of my dreams, I could use an excuse to do nothing. Three weeks doesn't seem like much of a break, but I'm doing all I can to do nothing. 

Especially because I've been rather down lately, this weather is a bit refreshing.  While I do love the consistency of sun all summer and guaranteed beach time, the rain isn't so bad.  Heck, I'm sure I'll be blogging about how much I love Cali summer, but the rain can be just as relaxing.  This time of year I'm usually dying for the sun. Fun summer dresses and shorts are all over the mall and we're supposed to go camping in just over a month. But this time around I can wait. It will be hot and beautiful soon enough and I'll be back in school and studying away while everyone else hits the beach.

I'm truly a Midwest girl at heart, so I have a whole closet full of hoodies and sweats; I'm used to this type of weather.  I honestly love dressing down and mucking about as much as I love getting all dolled up for a night out on the town.  Come on, doesn't a great pair of sweats, a favorite blanket and getting caught up with your DVR sound phenomenal after fourteen weeks of work and grad school?!   So bring on the rain.  Mother nature (and my system) need some refreshment before we can go on for the next season.  It's all a cycle. 

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