Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Sunday

All in all, I had a pretty great childhood.  It was filled with instability and unpredictability for sure, but my parents did some stuff right.  Two of the things that were always amazing and fun were Christmas and Easter.  Our Easter baskets were always filled with surprises like clothes for my Muffy Vanderbear and even flip flops once.  My dad loves traditions too, and made a big deal about putting something from Crabtree & Evelyn in our baskets every year.  He even sends me Easter goodies once in a while (again, lack of consistency is key). 

Living a few thousand miles away from my family for the past few years, I get super homesick on Easter.  I miss my nana's ham and cheesy potatoes, Easter dresses and helping my little cousins find the eggs my Papa's been hiding in the same spots in their house all my life.  I miss family time, homemade food, Hershey's chocolates wrapped in pastel foil.  I miss the promise of spring and the good mood it puts everyone in. 

Much like Thanksgiving, I've had to create my own Easter traditions in LA.  A few years ago, Vani and I went to a beautiful Catholic mass in Beverly Hills all dolled up and finished off the afternoon with Sprinkles cupcakes.  Last year we played beer pong, dyed eggs and drank mimosas at her boyfriend's house in our fancy dresses. 

This year Brady and Vani are moving in together (their new apartment complex has more than one pool and is just a few blocks from the ocean - I've already claimed my own drawer in the guest bedroom), so it's my turn to host.  Mimosas are always on the docket in my apartment and lately I've been on a bit of an experimental cooking kick.  So along with a strata, I'm making ebelskivers with a pan I'm borrowing from a coworker.  The cool thing about this is that even though I don't remember ever eating these as a child, my mom said she and my dad used to make them as newlyweds because they are part of my step-grandfather's Danish heritage. 

I have finals in less than two weeks, and I suppose my entire weekend should be devoted to studying, but I just don't see that happening.  I'm sure I'll sit down and go over all my study materials at some point this week, but getting to the nitty gritty of it all more than seven days in advance is just not my style.  I can't imagine a more painful way to spend this holiday than alone with my books.  The company of good friends, alcohol and homemade food is the next best thing to being with my family. 

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